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In 2019 a team of experts met during the last days before covid lockdown in the heart of Belgrade city. October 5th they established Applebios, a fresh IT startup.

The startup operates from Belgrade. It has already become a hub for experienced business coaches, personnel development experts, serial entrepreneurs, and leading IT engineers.

We focus on methods. It starts with the problem and inculcates a practical, hands-on project-based curriculum. You can learn about the latest technologies, new ways of experimenting, and get an experience of practical learning, right from their homes.

Our mission

We have a goal to make life easier for our customers by providing them with many inside stories. We aim to revolutionize the paradigm of tech education.

Applebios is designed to promote smart city projects around the world and help your business along the way. With this coaching, you can turn your managers into inspiring leaders, boost team performance and help employees grow.

Why choose us?

If you got stuck, contact us. We are here to propel your business.

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